World Fashion Week® and Korea Model Association

World Fashion Week<sup>®</sup> and Korea Model Association

Sunday, 09th October, 2016 – Seoul, South Korea: World Fashion Week® (WFW) and Korea Model Association (KMA) signed up together MOU in an strategic international alliance with 25 Asian countries.

The MOU agreement was signed by Mr. Yang Eui Sig, Chairman of KMA, Mr. Paco De Jaimes, Chairman of WFW and Mr. Badal Saboo, Official Ambassador of WFW for Asia & Middle East and Founder of Pune Fashion Week, India.

Both KMA and WFW agreed to maintain and develop a close relationship of international cooperation for the mutual development in the field of cultural content, including model and the global fashion industry socioeconomic growth.

“As our responsibility towards the fashion industry, WFW is indeed very proud and humbled to take this initiative along with Korea Model association (KMA) to promote fashion internationally and foster cross-border cultural and business relations on India with Asian countries”, said Mr. Badal Sabool.

Affiliated to the the Minister of Culture and Tourism - Republic of South Korea, Korea Model Association has being successfully organizing the Asia Model Festival for 11 consecutive years. Established in 1976, Korea Model Association is a non-profit organization working for the protection and promotion of models rights and interest. The Asia New Star Model Contest is the largest platform of its kind in Asia, with 25 participating countries; Korea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Macau, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Arabia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

“We are really glad and excited to partner with World Fashion Week. This association is a great opportunity for all the stakeholders from the Korean fashion industry to explore the international fashion market. This platform will serve as a golden career opportunity for aspiring as well as professional models from all our 25 partner countries to explore international shores .” Said Mr. Yang Eui Sig.

With a major role in contributing to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry, World Fashion Week work towards the greater good of harnessing and supporting relationships to keep the global fashion industry sustainable and fair. As an internationally acclaimed event and network for trade and fashion professionals, WFW annual event provides a forum for worldwide exposure and recognition.

"It is our greatest honor to join forces with Korea Model Association and the 25 Asian member countries, this partnership will open new avenues of cultural understanding and fair trade between all Asian nations and the world, with a major role in contributing to a sustainable socioeconomic growth for all", said Mr. Paco De Jaimes.

An innovative and historic event showcasing a diverse variety of cultures, glamour and creative talent, the World Fashion Week® Paris 2017 EXPO will generate visual opportunities that will resonate with audiences from all over the world. A milestone for the global fashion industry, where leading and emerging fashion designers will participate in an elaborate showcase of world fashion and trade, celebrating cultural diversity, expressed by an artistic dimension of the fashion design discipline.

WFW Paris 2017 EXPO projects a new global face and development of local, national and international fashion sectors, a new meeting roof for designers, buyers, traders, international media and representatives from the world´s creative industries, ensuring the global reach of its activities, opening international trade avenues for all participating nations.