World Fashion Exhibition® Fashion for life

World Fashion Exhibition<sup>®</sup> Fashion for life

Chaired by actress, director and writer Eva Darlan, the World Fashion Exhibition, Fashion for life, ends this Saturday, October 4 at the House of Latin America. The event presented the creators of the 4 corners of the world, aimed to raise funds to encourage entrepreneurship in poor countries and promoting multicultural exchange in the world.

The NGO "Cooperating World" present on the site of the House of Latin America, is selling Maasai bracelets to fight against sexual mutilation imposed on women and eliminate such practices. The World Fashion Exhibition has initiated various fashion shows in the preamble to the WORLD FASHION WEEK to be held in 2016 in Paris. Malaysia, which came with a delegation of young designers paid special tribute to the eponymous designer JIMMY CHOO. A hat off to this solidarity initiative!