‘Soil is miraculous’: How regenerative agriculture could transform fashion

‘Soil is miraculous’: How regenerative agriculture could transform fashion

Arizona is a model, environmental activist, sustainability consultant and founder of Dirt, a foundation devoted to biodynamic farming. Here she gives us her take on the importance of regenerative agriculture in transforming the fashion industry.

While designers, models and influencers steal the limelight at fashion weeks and dominate Vogue column inches, very few consider the fields and farms at the genesis of our garments.

Most of us have no idea how the cow that produces leather for our favourite bag has been raised, about the health of the soil that grows the cotton for our favourite t-shirts and jeans, or that it is trees that make up the Tencel in our leggings. Consumers, and brands as well, are completely detached from the source of their clothing.

We have lost touch with the fibres that fill our wardrobes and, more importantly, how they impact the health of the planet.

Our attitudes have shifted in what we eat. The farm-to-fork movement has seen more and more people choosing their produce based on geographical origins and environmental implications. Increasingly, we are choosing locally sourced, organic and seasonal ingredients wherever we can.