Alfonso to star at World Fashion Week®

Alfonso to star at World Fashion Week<sup>®</sup>

Lilongwe based designer Lily Alfonso continues to shine in the world of fashion and fly the country’s flag higher as she has been selected among those to display her designs at the African Showcase at World Fashion Week scheduled for September 30 in Paris, France.

According to a letter from Ablan Joyce Nouaho who is part of the organisers of the Africa Fashion reception, they have selected Alfonso to represent Malawi at this event by sending four garments.

“I have the pleasure to confirm that Legendary gold is coordinating the African segment of the event scheduled for September 30th in Paris. As a result, we selected you to represent your country at this event by sending four garments,” said Nouaho further revealing that only 10 African countries have been selected.

Alfonso is not expected to travel to the event but has been asked to send pieces of her designs to their representative in Paris. Alfonso who has participated in high profile international fashion events said she was ready to send her pieces while preparing for the show in Paris again on October 25.

“To be accepted among 10 countries in Africa just shows their trust in my designs and I am happy to represent Malawi once again,” she said.

Nouaho said for the exhibition, they expect Alfonso to send a masterpiece that will be donated for auction, benefitting NGO Cooperating World to stop FGM Female Genital Mutilation in Africa.

Alfonso through her design label has evolved over the years and her passion for fashion has helped her rise in the industry.

The 2010 Fame 2010 (Malawi Fashion Edition) best fashion designer says she creates the best designs using the most affordable resources and she prefers the use of tie and dye fabric for the simple the reason that the fabric designs are all original Malawi products.

Among others Alfonso has shared international runways at the Africa Fashion week London 2012 and 2013, Barcelona Africa fashion week 2013 and Africa fashion reception Paris 2013.