Frequently Asked Questions

What World Fashion Week® (WFW) is?

World Fashion Week® is dedicated to the promotion and trade of World Couture and Ready-to-Wear design clothing and accessories. a global platform to serve and encourage the promotion of the national fashion industries around the world, designers and professionals gathering is a universal trade expo represented by country, featuring during one week, including:

  • World Fashion Shows by Country, showcasing upcoming seasonal collections from leading and emerging fashion designers from five continents.
  • Country Pavilions: Exhibiting leading brands from each participating Country.
  • World Fashion Exhibition: Exhibiting the World's Best Couture Fashion Designers with a Human responsibility.
  • World Fashion Photography: Showcasing World's Photography with a socioeconomic angle.
  • World Fashion Forum: Shaping the World's Fashion Ethics for a sustainable planet.
  • World Fashion Competition: Discovering World's Next Fashion Talents from Design Universities across the world.

Entry is reserved for professionals/consumers holding an access badge or pass. In accordance with the purpose of the WFW, only clothing, jewelry, textile, photography and artistic selected products and accessories may be exhibited.

I'm a Fashion Designer that would like to participate during World Fashion Week (WFW) events, how can I register?

Participation in WFW events is by Nomination only, however, you can nominate yourself for consideration, by registering with WFW - Designers and official country representatives must hold a passport from represented country.

Who Nominates the Designers for their participation during WFW events?

WFW's Executive Board of Governors, Honorary Members, International Committee and Registered Members propose nominations for WFW's events as representatives of their countries. WFW's Executive Board has the final decision of any brand admission and country representatives.

I'm a Fashion Model that would like to participate at World Fashion Week (WFW) events, how can I register?

Participation in WFW event as Model must submit a composit/photo and register at WFW

What is a "WFW Country Fashion Show"?

WFW presents Nominated Fashion Designers to represent each country in a Runway Show, "WFW Country Fashion Show" (ie. USA Fashion Show, France Fashion Show, Japan Fashion Show, etc). Showcasing Couture and Ready-to-Wear designer clothing and accessories.

What is the "WFW Country Pavilion"?

WFW's Country Pavilion is a reserved space to present, promote and exhibit fashion goods from a specific country, including world's tourism destinations, cultural heritage and the promotion of global trade. View the 3D Introductory Video.

Who attends World Fashion Week?

Attendees includes 500 + world's leading fashion designers and exhibitors, governmental representatives from Ministries of Culture, Tourism, Commerce, Textiles, Development, World Fashion Ambassadors, Royal Circles, Chambers of Commerce and trade specialist, offering G2G & B2B Opportunities. Including Top world ´s buyers and retailers from Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, South and North America. With an unparalleled International Press/Media Coverage - worldwide webcast & broadcast televised event and news media global reach.

How can I become an Exhibitor?

Exhibitors can register under their Country Pavilion reserved space only, if available.

How can I register as Buyer/Retailer?

Buyers/Retailers can register under their Country Delegation.

How can I register as Press/Media?

Press/Media can register under their Country Delegation.

How do I know about Employment Opportunities at WFW?

WFW is always looking for creative and talented minds. If you love fashion and art, like to travel and are interested in developing a professional and social career with WFW, send us your resume at:

How can I work as volunteer at WFW's events?

WFW welcomes volunteers to collaborate during our events and activities, getting closer to the fascinating fashion world while living a unforgettable and truly world fashion experience. For more info, please, contact:

What is the WFW's Frequency of Events?

WFW is an annual event in a continental bases being hosted each October, such as WFW Paris 2016, followed by WFW Asia 2017, WFW Latin America 2018, WFW Europe 2019, WFW North America 2020, WFW Africa 2021, etc.

When are the WFW's Dates?

WFW dates are set during each month of October, in an annual basis, however, WFW Pre-Events are a series of continental events in collaboration with international fashion weeks in five continents, focus in keeping an ongoing promotion of WFW and its participating countries, designers, sponsors, collaborators, etc. WFW's Continental event dates will apply to each individual country.

How can I sell my collections through WFW's Global Network and e-commerce?

Once your brand is registered and nominated by WFW's Executive Board of Governors, you will be able to sell exclusive & selected products throughout WFW's website/e-commerce platforms, accessing millions of potential consumers worldwide, specially focused in growing markets such as Asia, as well as developing markets such as Latin America and Africa.

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