Leonie Mergen

Leonie Mergen Designer as Couture

Leonie Mergen is a high-end fashion label based in Berlin, Germany.

The name-giving young designer Leonie Mergen is a graduate of Berlin’s International University of Art (ESMOD) for Fashion, where she earned her BA in 2014. During this time, she gained invaluable experience with internships at EDSOR Berlin, HELLMANN Menswear and Dawid Tomaszewski.

Writing for C-Heads Magazine, commentator Harry Leath wrote about Leonie’s latest collection that was shown during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin in January 2017 and during London Fashion Week in February 2017: "Furs, silk, velvet and leather combine to exude an imperious sophistication whilst conceding a polite modesty in form; it is resplendent with deep, regal colours and rich with warm, classic textures. Mergen is an honest admirer of tradition and shows us how we can marry tradition with progression; we do not have to eschew tradition in order to move forward, we must embrace it with unfettered honesty."

With a history dating back over a century, the British edition of Vogue is synonymous with fashion, style, and the foreshadowing of future trends. It was only fitting therefore that the Vogue UK website would concentrate on one of the leading collections to be launched at this year’s London Fashion Week – the Karabakh-Collection – by the 25-year-old Berlin-based designer Leonie Mergen.

Go to http://www.vogue.co.uk/shows/autumn-winter-2017-ready-to-wear/leonie-mergen/collection/to see the collection on the Vogue site.