Adriana Santacruz

Adriana Santacruz Designer as Couture © Zico Rodriguez

Though internationally recognized through awards and scholarships, it’s Adriana Santacruz’s absolute dedication to the craftsmen of her hometown Pasto, Colombia that many admire most. A renowned designer for introducing the culture of her designs to the world, and for demonstrating solidarity in Colombia, Santacruz was gifted with the ability to bring the ancient culture and artisanal traditions of southern Colombia back to life.

By integrating her clear concepts of design and style with artisanal approaches, a passion for traditionally woven and vibrant fabrics was formed through the opportunities she gives to the craftsmen families of these areas. As the ambassador for all those who live and work with her and her brand, Adriana Santacruz seeks to glorify tribal unity and support true diversity in the fields of fashion through her exotic pieces.