World Fashion Week<sup>®</sup> Malaysia 2017 celebrated cultural diversity & the beauty, power & artistic global movement of fashion

In light of the global campaign "Eco Fashion & Lifestyles - Love the Nature" and the continuous commemoration of international, culture-rich fashion, World Fashion Week® Asia 2017 saw the gathering of fashion designers from 5 continents. Up-and-coming, emerging and established fashion designers were invited to showcase their 2018 Couture and Resort Collections to hundreds of internationally acclaimed buyers, retailers, and media – debuting and setting the trends for the global consumer.

World Fashion Week® Asia 2017 Gala Dinner & the subsequent showcasing events on the 9th and 10th of September 2017, presented collections or pieces from the following designers & countries;


  • Angola: Lecticia’s by Gersy Pegado
  • Botswana: House of Kay & Botocy
  • Kenya: Bella’s Closet by Wangu
  • Malawi: Lilly Alfonso
  • Nigeria: Weiz Dhurm Franklyn
  • South Africa: Janita Toerien
  • Uganda: Beryl Qouture by Anita Beryl
  • Zambia: ChizO.
  • Dem. Rep. of Congo: Tina Lobondi
  • Ghana: Duaba Serwa
  • Zimbabwe: Rumbie Muzofa


  • Canada: Bahareh Memarian
  • Colombia: Flor de Amazona
  • Costa Rica: Rob Chamaeleo
  • Ecuador: Diego Madrinan
  • Honduras: Miguel Chong
  • México: Ximena Valero, Jonathan Morales
  • Panama: Jaime Luna
  • Paraguay: Fundación Princesa Diana
  • Brazil: Samuel Cirnansck
  • Cuba: Jose Benedi
  • Paraguay: Celina Mersan


  • Belgium: Maaike van den Abbeele
  • Netherlands: Addy van den Krommenacker
  • Norway: Elisabeth Vestli
  • Portugal: Micaela Oliveira
  • Spain: Paloma Suarez, Amiania By Alonso
  • Albania: Ema Koja
  • Denmark: Ann Wiberg
  • Estonia: Liis Boode
  • UK: Kim Stevenson
  • Ireland: Jaqueline Quin
  • Italy:Francesca Di Maria
  • Ukraine: Olena Dat


  • Hong Kong China: David Cheng & Kiwib Wong, Kamla Hiranand
  • India: Nivedita Saboo
  • Indonesia: Amanda I. Lestari
  • Malaysia: Nanie Ms, Qamnee, Merial Beauty, Watie Collection, Veena Hijab & Couture, Arun Sayfull, Kaer, Shook&Shooks, Yans Creation
  • Nepal: Ashrita Bhadel
  • New Zealand: Shona Tawhiao
  • Philippines: Brit Tripudio, Ia Coca Cresencio
  • Singapore: Evanna House of Fashion
  • Vietnam: Devon Nguyen
  • Afganistan Zalay Sherzad
  • Armenia: Vahan Khachatryan
  • Cambodia: Romyda Keth
  • Japan: Junko Yoshioka
  • Mongolia: Shimel Zagvar

About World Fashion Week®

Through its international events, World Fashion Week® encourages the expansion of fashion in the fields of goods, services, capital and technology - to promote international business relationships and the principle of fair-and-free trade among enterprises and nations. In line with our global objectives, World Fashion Week® also aims to promote global understanding, unity, social development and environmental responsibility. As a primary focus, World Fashion Week® seeks to eradicate extreme poverty on the African continent, through the empowerment of women in underdeveloped countries – promoting global education, unity, and peace for all.

By recognizing its power and beauty, we can use fashion as a powerful driving force to bring about social change, unite cultures and give our light. Join us as we prepare for the World Fashion Week® Paris 2018/19, where we will further celebrate and showcase international fashion on a three-fold global stage.

World Fashion Week® – Give Your Light To The World.

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