Helping the shape of fashion's sustainable future

With a major role in contributing to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry, working toward the greater good of harnessing and supporting relationships to keep the global fashion industry sustainable and unprejudiced.

As an internationally acclaimed event and network for trade and fashion professionals, the annual event provides a forum for worldwide exposure and recognition, where leading and emerging fashion designers from around the world participate in an elaborate showcase of world fashion and trade, celebrating cultural diversity, while promoting world tourism and lifestyle Destinations.

This worldwide wave of promotion, awareness and action for WFW and its International Sponsors will also promote global unity, development, social, corporate and environmental responsibility, especially focused on the eradication of poverty and the empowerment of women in developing countries, promoting unity and global peace.

Creating Runways of Opportunities to the World

An innovative and historic event showcasing a diverse variety of cultures, glamour and creative talent, the World Fashion Week® will generate visual opportunities that will resonate with audiences all over the world.

A milestone for the global fashion industry, where leading and emerging fashion designers from around the world, will participate in an elaborate showcase of world fashion and trade, celebrating cultural diversity, expressed by an artistic dimension of the fashion design discipline.

WFW annual event projects a new global face and development of local, national and international fashion sectors, a new meeting roof for designers, buyers, traders, international media and representatives from the world´s creative industries, ensuring the global reach of its activities, opening international trade avenues for all its participants, while promoting world tourism and lifestyle destinations.

Unfolding Global Markets

WFW recognizes the immense talent rising from all corners of our world, providing new opportunities for leading and upcoming fashion designers to breach into the international market.

WFW´s global reach and expansion, and its continuous awareness for social and human development, makes WFW a major global fashion movement, leading to economic growth and sustainable world peace.

Fashion is quintessentially global industry, exemplifying more than any other industry, contributing from international trade to cultural understanding, promoting tourism and lifestyles destinations, from poverty eradication by the empowerment of women, to generating employment opportunities, access to education, health, stability, investment and economic growth, advancing and promoting a more harmonious and attractive world.

Capitalizing the global growth of fashion force

Clothing manufacturing is one of the largest traditional sources of industrial employment across the world. Fashion is a driving force that makes a great impact in our economies and every day it affects billions of people around the globe.

Building Global Brands

World Fashion Week® is where brands are internationalized, distribution is broadened and brand recognition is enhanced. As World´s fashion foremost trade Expo, WFW connects designers and exhibitors to the global purchasing power of international men´s and women´s apparel, accessories and footwear retailers worldwide.

WFW delivers unique brand-building and international expansion advantages:

Reach. Get exposed to top buyers and potential consumers from over 100 countries with an estimated on-site audience of 100.000+ leading consumers - including the world´s top buyers, retailers and International News Media & Cable TV.

Profit. With an estimated average sales of over $200 million in order volume, WFW is the definitive global platform for trade, marketing and promotions for all participating countries and brands, in a unique environment with a touch of an "Olympic Style" event.

Connect. Matchmaking programs and specialized Retail Relations staff introduce brands to the best-suited buyers, promoting new relationships and providing exposure for lesser-known labels toward international markets.

Network. Access to the most sought-after industry events, forums and parties fuel relationships with top retail giants worldwide.

Promote. Powerful Fashion shows by Country, "Olympic-Style" focused on promoting the designers, brands, culture, tourism and Life-Style destinations, bringing buyers, retailers, potential consumers, international press and key fashion influencers to the shows, delivers unparalleled industry access and brand exposure worldwide.

Join a World Fashion Revolution

E-Expo your Show, WFW´s 3D virtual show-planning tool increases visibility by allowing attendees to search for country pavilions and exhibitors by name, product and category as well as set up appointments pre-show, in addition to sell your products 24/7, 365 days per year, channeling WFW´s virtual Country Pavilions & Showroom, accessing millions of potential consumers worldwide.

Insight. Delivered by the biggest names in the business and world´s influential leaders, the WFW - World Fashion Forum (WFForum) Seminar Series features complimentary information on today´s most important topics: e-commerce, social media, sourcing solutions, business strategies and trend forecasting from authorities in the global fashion business, CSR, Green-Fashion, among many other intriguing topics.

Be Seen. An unparalleled international media and press presence - comprised of thousands of print, on-line and broadcast journalist from all participating countries and international trade outlets spreading the world about the guest, brands, products, awards and the world connected at WFW.

Save and Relax. Exclusive access to the most competitive hotel rates in Paris makes staying on budget easier - and more enjoyable - than ever.

Refuel. Multiple on-site amenities offer a wide selection of food, drinks and daily 10 euro lunch specials, at special locations, while supplies last, enabling exhibitors and buyers to take a break or grab a bite without leaving the show or exhibition floor.

Transportation. Complimentary car service during show hours transports exhibitors between WFW official venue and participating hotels quickly, conveniently and cash-free.

Service. WFW´s acclaimed Concierge Team caters to attendees every need via on-call, courtesy assistance with hotel and restaurant reservations, transportation and entertainment accommodations, and insider recommendations.

World Fashion Exhibition®

World Fashion Exhibition® (WFE), Presented by the World Fashion Week®, advocates for cultural exchange and social development around the world, moving towards to a sustainable and fair global fashion industry, celebrating cultural diversity and understanding.

WFE showcases and promotes Haute Couture masterpieces created by WFW Nominated leading fashion designers across continents, as a prelude to the World Fashion Week® Inaugural Trade Expo.

World Fashion Forum®

World Fashion Forum® welcome and works with “International Honorary Speakers‘ and “World Fashion Ambassadors ¨ on a variety of labels around the world, to increase public awareness of Peace and sustainability through Fashion and of WFW’s work promoting those goals.

Since celebrities began working with WFW mission, they have helped sway government policies on behalf of fashion industry, publicize fashion industry's issues around the globe and provide with help for World Fashion Week's supported programs such as World Fashion Exhibition, World Fashion Forum, World Fashion Photography, World Fashion University & International Beneficiary Foundations among other initiatives.

World Fashion Week® defends the free expression of fashion as one of the principal cultural identities of any community, considering the richness and creative value that we find in the diverse and multicultural world in which we live.

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World Fashion Photography®

World Fashion Photography is a global community of photographers, including global competitions and exhibitions taking place around the world, embracing cultural understanding through the art and science of photography, with theme "Fashion for Life".

World Fashion Funding

World Fashion Funding is a tool of global financing and sales generated by consumers, with the objective to support fashion designers from six continents, to support covering designer's inclusion and expenses to participate during World Fashion Week®, as official representatives of their countries.

World Fashion Funding has a very basic and transparent operation by which each consumer who makes a contribution, it is automatically rewarded with a shopping voucher for the same amount contributed, redeemable by the designer and participating brands during World Fashion Week® and/or via World Fashion Week® Webshop.

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Give Your Light To The World

Social Responsibility

Fashion as a tool to improve the world

Our mission is to globally expand the power of fashion; as a tool of fighting poverty, further develop economies and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Business principles. Within the fashion and textile industry, fostering human development, education and social integration, solidifying the vision "Give your Light to the World", supporting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, UN Global Compact, among many other international foundations, such as Art of Living Foundation, Cooperating World, etc.

End Poverty and Hunger; Universal Education; Gender Equality; Child Health; Maternal Health; Combat HIV/AIDS; Environmental Sustainability; Global Partnership.

From manufacturing to the runway, the handling of fashion goes through the hands of the poorest of the poor as well as the ones most fortunate.


From the union of persons

World Fashion Week® defends the free expression of fashion as one of the principal cultural identities of any community, considering the richness and creative value that we find in the diverse and multicultural world in which we live.

Collectively we can work to make the different dimension of the fashion process more sustainable and fair. Hence, fashion will make a necessary, deeper impact for the betterment of the full world.

World Fashion Week® honor the outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements of fashion icons across five continents that are dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion, to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry.

Benefits of Becoming Host Country

Every year World Fashion Week ®will be hosted by one of the participating countries. The WFW International Committee in collaboration with the WFW Executive Board, will have the final decision on which countries and cities will be given the honor of becoming a World Fashion Week ®Host City. Governments of several participating countries have already proposed as candidate cities in hosting the event.

There are a multitude of benefits for a nation hosting future World Fashion Week ®, as it provides a unique opportunity for the country to develop world-class facilities, enabling the country to host future first rate events. These venues will also provide an inspirational training ground for future generations of designers and brands.

As proven by other global events, World Fashion Week ®will generate opportunities across the entire job market, which in turn, will be significant benefit for the host country´s economy. It will also provide a huge boost for the tourism industry. Following an event of this stature, it is common to see an increase in the number of visitors to the country by 10-40%. It also helps to secure an improved image as well as raise the city´s and country´s profile as a tourist destination.

Economic impact is understandably one of the key factors taken into account by local authorities when assessing whether or not to bid for an event, and an array of research strongly demonstrates the significant financial benefits that result from major events.

However, a global "Mega Event" is also an opportunity for a nation to stage an inspirational vision that capture the imagination of people around the world, leaving a lasting legacy, for the generation to come.