World Fashion Week® France 2020

World Fashion Week® France 2020 - Country Pavilion 3d Visuals

Our global social fashion exhibition

WF Exhibition

World Fashion Exhibition® (WFE), Presented by the World Fashion Week®, advocates for cultural exchange and social development around the world, moving towards to a sustainable and fair global fashion industry, celebrating cultural diversity and understanding.

   WF Forum

A fashionable place to communicate

WF Forum

World Fashion Forum® welcome and works with “International Honorary Speakers‘ and “World Fashion Ambassadors ̈ on a variety of labels around the world, to increase public awareness of Peace and sustainability through Fashion and of WFW’s work promoting those goals.

Our fashion photography contest

WF Photography

World Fashion Photography® is a global community of photographers, including global competitions and exhibitions taking place around the world, embracing cultural understanding through the art and science of photography, with 2018's theme "Fashion for Life"

   WF Funding

Our crowdfunding tool of financing.

WF Funding

World Fashion Funding® is a tool of global financing and sales generated by consumers, with the objective to support fashion designers from six continents, to support covering designer's inclusion and expenses to participate during World Fashion Week® Paris 2018, as official representatives of their countries.

World Fashion Week<sup>®</sup> Partners with Lifetime show - American Beauty Star, hosted by super model Adriana Lima, set to Premier this September

In this alliance selected World Fashion Week® designers from five continents were given the opportunity to send one of a kind pieces to be used by contestants on the show, thus giving the designers unparalleled opportunity to showcase their work on this global platform while at the same time adding to the aesthetic of the contestants’ looks.

World Fashion Week® aims to identify and recognize fashion industry leaders from around the world. World Fashion Week® provides participating designers the opportunity to internationally establish their brands amongst a global audience with opportunities such as runway and trades shows, exhibitions, and most recently the exciting alliance with American Beauty Star. In parallel, World Fashion Week® endeavors to create awareness and support positive change impacting on social and economic issues; especially women empowerment and poverty alleviation in Africa.

The alliance with American Beauty Star marks the start of a new chapter. New opportunities for designers will continue to be added to the repertoire of World Fashion Week’s offerings, said World Fashion Week president Paco De Jaimes.

2017 starts the beginning of a long and prosperous partnership between American Beauty Star and World Fashion Week which will see the rise of the next generation of beauty industry titans, the next hottest fashion trends, and a global and inclusive look at the fashion industry.

Global Objetives


Encourage the expansion of world fashion in the fields of goods, services, capital and technology.


Promote international fashion business relationships and understanding, on the principal of fair and free trade among business enterprises and nations.


Foster the increased participation in the world fashion forum by developed and developing countries alike, particularly with a view to better integrate all countries into the World Fashion communities.


Provide complete and reliable services for import and export with global coverage, utilizing its portfolio of international fashion database.


Provide practical and expert services to the international fashion community.


Encourage effective rapprochement and cooperation amongst the international business community in different countries and among the organizations that bring them together.


Supply an information exchange program and e-commerce platform amongst members to assist in the development and expansion of services for the international fashion collaboration.


Establish relationships with selected world fashion agencies to provide assistance to members in influencing the expansion of international fashion business. These agencies include both public and private sector organizations.

Give Your Light To The World

The humanitarian voice of the World Fashion Week® global movement

World Fashion Week® works with "World Fashion Ambassadors" on a variety of labels around the world, to increase the public awareness of Peace through Fashion and of WFW´s work promoting those goals.

Since celebrities began working with WFW, they have helped sway government policies on behalf of fashion industry, publicize fashion industry´s issues around the globe and provide with help for World Fashion Week® supported programs such as World Fashion Exhibition®, World Fashion Forum, World Fashion Photography®, World Fashion University and International Beneficiary Foundations among many other initiatives.